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What is a HERS Rater
HERS raters are special inspectors certified by the California Energy Commission (CEC) to rate homes in California according to the Home Energy Rating System (HERS). A HERS rater is trained to perform third-party energy efficiency verification inspections and tests. These ratings include field verification and diagnostic testing to determine energy efficiency levels among homes tested for duct efficiency, envelope (walls, windows, doors, floors and roof) leakage and building insulation for compliance with current building efficiency standards. HERS raters work hand-in-hand with local building departments who are legally required to obtain a special document (CF-3R [formerly CF-4R] form) signed by a certified HERS rater before final approval of any building that uses measures requiring field verification and diagnostic testing to show compliance.

A HERS rater must be independent and cannot have any financial involvement with the construction project. For example even if the HVAC contractor is HERS certified, they cannot perform the inspection on their own work as it would be a conflict of interest. While the HVAC contractor should test their own work, a third-party HERS rater is required to verify the contractor’s work and provide official documentation (CF-3R [formerly CF-4R] form) to city inspectors.

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