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HERS Testing & Rating

Existing Conditions Verification for Additions and Alterations (field verification of a homes current "energy efficiency features" such as floor, wall and ceiling insulation, window construction, hot water and HVAC system efficiency).  

Duct Leakage Testing (“Duct Blasting” - ensuring that ducts do not leak more than a specified amount by pressurizing the ducts and measuring how much air escapes).

Refrigerant Charge and Airflow (RCAF, ensures that the air conditioning refrigerant is neither over- nor under-charged and that the air moving through the system is also neither too slow nor too fast).

Blower Door Testing (ensure a house does not leak more than a specified amount by pressurizing the house [windows and doors tightly closed] and measuring how much air escapes). Also called: Reduced Building Infiltration Test.

Quality Insulation Installation (a rigorous inspection of insulation installations)

EER verification (verify specified equipment is installed).

TXV verification (verify the existence of an air conditioning part: Thermostatic Expansion Valve [2005 energy efficiency building code standards only]).

Fan Efficacy (insure the blower fan’s wattage draw is less than or equal to the ratio 0.58 watts per cubic feet per minute of air moved).

Maximum Cooling Capacity (verify the engineering of a heating and/or cooling system).

Buried Ducts (verify the insulation of ducts buried in attic insulation) If one chooses to bury those ducts found in the attic deeply in the attic insulation, one can increase the distribution efficiency of those ducts.

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