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Low Cost Tips
Low Cost Energy Saving Tips are easily to do and can quickly pay for themselves. Contact us for more information.

Water Heater
Reduce Water Usage
Phantom Loads
Heating and Cooling System (HVAC)

Switch from incandescent bulbs to CFL’s.
Install motion sensors on outside lights and bathrooms.
Install dimmer switches on indoor lights (if you don't want to use CFLs).

Water Heater:
Feel the outside of the water heater. If it’s warm install an insulation jacket.
Insulate exposed water pipes, especially the hot water ones.

Reducing Water Usage:
Fix leaky faucets or toilets.
Install low flow shower heads.
Install aerators in your sink faucets.
Check the toilet tank for leaks and replace the flapper if necessary.
Replace the water cooler and use a faucet filter or pitcher filter.

Phantom Loads:
Install outlets with switches so you can turn appliances off at with a switch.
Purchase equipment with the Energy Star rating to get the lowest phantom load.
Buy new smart, energy saving power strips.

Heating and Cooling System (HVAC):
Install a programmable thermostat.
Clean or change furnace filters at least twice a year. Do not buy the thick expensive ones, it just makes your HVAC fan work harder (use more electricity) but does little for indoor air quality. Would you put a HEPA filter in your car's engine?   
Get an HVAC tune up every two years for higher efficiency.
If you have radiators, purchase and install reflectors between the radiator and exterior walls.

Room AC:
Check the seal between your unit and the window frame, add weather-stripping or caulk if necessary.
If the unit sits in the sun part of the day install a shade cover.

Buy a fireplace heater (radiator) to blow heated air into the room.
Buy a chimney stop/chimney plug to seal chimney damper leaks.

Reducing the HVAC usage:
Purchase window fan units that can be temporarily installed in windows to cool the house down in the evening.
Add a radiant barrier to the underside of the roof in the attic.
Check windows, doors and plumbing penetrations for leaks and seal them with caulk, expanding foam and weather-stripping.
Add insulation to the attic.

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